luni, 19 ianuarie 2009

Daca e luni, este top5 [part 1]

So ladies and gentleman, without any further adue, I give you.. mah funky monday tops!!!
Top5 places to eat. And feel good. And feel good 'bout eating.

1) Xanadu (Mantuleasa)
2) Naser (arabian stuff, pe 1 Mai)
4) Gino's (cred ca s-a defiintat, era prin cotroceni langa Glendale)
5) Taverna sarbului

Top5 games

1) Starcraft
2) World of warcraft
3) Metal Gear series (PS2)
4) Bioshock (Xbox360)
5) Diablo 1

Top5 lines in a movie

1) "So..? Wanna fuck?" (Robert deNiro in Jackie Brown)
2) "Oh men, I shot Marvin in the face!" (John Travolta in Pulp Fiction)
3) "Now, a question of etiquette - as I pass, do I give you the ass or the crotch? " (Tyler Durden in Fight Club)
4) "Go ahead... Make my day!" (Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry)
5) "For the past fifteen minutes now, you've just been droning on with names. "Toby... Toby... Toby... Toby Wong... Toby Wong... Toby Chung... fuckin' Charlie Chan." I got Madonna's big dick outta my right ear, and Toby Jap I-don't-know-what, outta my left." (Harvey Keitel in Reservoir Dogs)

Top5 MTG Cards in standard
1) Thoughtseize

2) Mulldrifter

3) Cryptic command

4) Knight of Meadowgrain
5) Cloudthresher
To be continued...

10 comentarii:

  1. pai sunt.faceam caterinca de tine.prea multe referinte sociale?sau prea indepartate?:))

  2. pai asteapta in pana mea part2. poate acolo o sa fie alea de le astepti tu cu "top5 dramas in my life", "top5 judecati ce trebuiesc urmate in viata" si "top5 iaurturi".
    pula mea..

  3. de unde moloz sa stiu io ca exista part 2?adica...starcraft.end of social skills.right there.

  4. gino's s-a mutat pe dacia, aproape de romana. e ceva mai galben da' cu aceleasi servicii "mirobolante"

    si cred in continuare, desi cei din jurul meu tind sa imi arate ca nu e asa, ca exista un moment cand nu te mai joci starcraft si treci la altceva

  5. no uei! starcraftu, zaharul si sexul oral sunt chestii care nu sunt niciodata suficiente.

    mersi de tipsu cu ginos, o sa investighez.

  6. daca tot faci topuri, nu rata Romanian Movie Awkwards pe

  7. Gino's s-a mutat pe la Universitate - Rosetti au si pub/club si e mai intim. aceeasi mancare yummmmmmy...divina!