miercuri, 11 martie 2009

"O scrisoricăăăăăă... ghici a cui, catre cine?!" (c)

This is a 12 minute e-mail (from now : 12:48, to later – 13:00 when I’ll need to attend a fancy-pantsy coroporate meeting).
A 12 minute e-mail about the married woman. The married woman and her 12-minute life.
Her 12-minute life out of which 7 minutes are spent in marriage. A fair amount, one might say...
7 minutes spent in marriage out of which 2 minutes of desperation, 3 minutes spent on blowing steam after the 2 minutes of desperation, 1 minute of regret, 55 seconds of house-hold duties, responsabilities and EXACTLY 5 seconds of bliss. 5 seconds out of which 2 were simply routine, 2 were spent with someone else and just 1 second of ... well - marriage.
Isn’t it ironic? I figured I would have more to say about the married woman than 12 minutes would allow me. But it just so happened I finished faster than I expected. 3 minutes faster.
Sexual implications in the above sentence? Only the married woman could tell.
But hey.. look on the bright side – I still have 2 seconds of fun to fill in some gaps.

2 comentarii:

  1. si i-ai dat send, sau totul s-a petrecut ca un scenariu?

  2. Am dat si send, am primit si reply :-)